Our Story

In 2018 Zuki travelled to Rwanda to take up temporary residence joining her husband who was working on a project in this East African Country located in the centre of the East African Coffee Belt. This was her first time in this part of the world and while on this African adventure Zuki immediately fell in love with the clean streets of Kigali and it’s rich African culture.


Zuki’s love for coffee was reignited while touring Rwanda and the Llimani coffee story began while attending a coffee tour in the Kinunu region which is located in the Western Province of Rwanda which lies approximately 165 km from Rwanda’s capital Kigali. Rwanda known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, is also home to some of the last remaining endangered mountain Gorillas. 
Kinunu lies on the shores of Lake Kivu and is popularly known for producing great coffee. LLIMANI Coffee business idea began here with Zuki and Patrick as the cofounders. 
We learnt that some of the best Rwandan coffee is not only harvested solely from this region but also fully processed from coffee cherries to green coffee beans, through washing stations. By overseeing the entire process from crop to cup, farmers ensure that the coffee is of outstanding quality. This is where it all began and as the saying goes, the rest is history. 
LLIMANI only uses Africa’s specialty quality coffee beans which are available to us directly from this area and the African Coffee Belt farms. We have developed business relationship and built proudly African partnerships with farmer, ensuring an authentic synergy between all parties involved.  We have a wide selection of topflight, single origin coffees as well as some carefully handcrafted blends.